5G Mobile Evolution Market Report

5G standards will be completed by 2018 and early commercial deployments will appear by 2020. 5G technologies with a new air interface will be capable of delivering multiple extreme requirements, ranging from multi-gigabit broadband data services at ultra-low latencies to a flexible low-power low-data rate air interface for the massive Internet of Things (IoT) supporting a wide variety of mission critical industrial and consumer applications. Although the smartphone market is currently slowing down in mature markets, the developing countries still offer a tremendous opportunity for growth for the next five years. We expect the global smartphone shipments to grow at 6% CAGR from 2016-2021, and estimate the annual total shipments to reach over 2B by 2021. We also project the IoT connected device shipments to reach 30B by 2021 bringing an economic value of almost $3 trillion.

Research done by Ravi Kalavakunta.

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