September 12, 2016

About Us

About Us

Techonomics Research is a Silicon Valley based sales and marketing platform enabling Independent Research As A Subscription Service (IRAASS). IRAASS provides independent advisors the means to interact with Techonomics Research subscribers who gain access to market research, and the advisors who authored that research, while advisors deliver insight into their respective markets independent of vendor or client activity. Techonomics Research influences how clients invest, and develop their strategic plans by delivering  leading edge analysis and forecasts of macro and micro technology markets. Techonomics Research  specializes in statistics, analysis and insights for data center, consumer electronics, networking equipment, software and semiconductors. Techonomics Research Independent advisors are industry veterans with Direct Experience in their Field, Intimate Network within their respective coverage, along with formal  EDucation; as such, they are DEFINED and qualified to advise in their area of research.

The Techonomics Research platform has been built to provide clients with:

  • Access to over 30 industry experts with each expert having a minimum of 20 years of experience in the industry
  • Comprehensive coverage of the semiconductor market
  • Comprehensive coverage of the data center market
  • Comprehensive coverage of networking market
  • CIO and C-Suite advisory team
  • Software and security market coverage

We have built this platform to offer the most value and flexibility for our clients, with features such as:

  • Corporate wide usage
  • Extremely competitive initial engagement price point
  • Token based model
  • Using Tokens as you wish (advisory calls, research notes, custom research, etc.)
  • Roll over of 50% of unused tokens into the next year
  • Access to ongoing growing group of experts


Our Methodology

Techonomics Research focuses on technology related insight needed by our clients to make concise  and timely decisions. We conduct surveys, attend industry events, vendor briefings, seek out industry news, take in account both present and historical information and offer an opinion rooted in our experience, education and expertise. We deliver opinion in short and  concise consulting engagements, Presentations, Webcasts, Podcasts, one on one advisory calls, advisory notes, and Research reports. Projections are expressed in constant dollars.

Simply put we only offer opinions that can be supported by

  1. A strong educational background
  2. A long history of experience in the same field
  3. Feet on the ground within the Silicon Valley and other technology hubs
  4. Deep industry contacts.

These 4 characteristics separate our advisors from others.



Techonomics Research is a Platform comprised of analysts, advisors, and consultants focused on the technology industry. Techonomics Research is in the business of marketing and sales of advisory services, consulting engagements, research reports, databases, newsletters, and related business and market information products and services, including but not limited to consulting, and advisory calls and services. Techonomics research  has set forth processes to assure compliant interactions between our clients and our advisors.  we see COMPLIANCE as a cornerstone for Techonomics Research Platform.

We plan to invest the time to develop a comprehensive  advisory network compliance program. Our advisors are well known trough out the industry, our advisors have been vetted by world leading research firms and are highly in demand on expert networks. Recognizing the need for potential custom or additional  compliance controls, we also plan to implement on behalf of our clients customized compliance programs when a client request comes in.